Related News - Madaripur

Related News - Madaripur

Padma Bridge Inauguration: Madaripur wear a festive look

The much-awaited Padma Bridge, the largest bridge in the country, is set to be inaugurated on Saturday (June 25). On this occasion, the whole Madaripur including the public meeting place Shibchar was decorated in colorful attire. More than 10 lakh people are expected to attain the inaugural public meeting. People from all over the country are flocking to Madaripur to take part in the inauguration ceremony of Padma Bridge. But in the meantime, all the residential hotels have been booked and many are staying at their relatives' houses.

15:34 22 June 2022

Launch movement resumes on Banglabazar-Shimulia route

The movement of launch, speedboat on Banglabazar-Shimulia route has resumed since Wednesday morning when the weather turned into a bit favorable.

10:28 4 May 2022

Launch, speedboat services suspended on Banglabazar-Shimulia

All launch, speedboat services suspended on the Banglabazar-Shimulia route.

10:17 4 May 2022

Overcrowing at Shimulia-Banglabazar-Majhikandi routes

Eid homebound people have started leaving the capital Dhaka before the holiday on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Many are rushing to the village before Eid to avoid suffering. Due to this, the crowds have started to increase at Shimulia in Munshiganj, Banglabazar in Madaripur, and Majhikandi in Shariatpur which are known as the gateways of 21 districts in the south-western part of the country.

17:25 28 April 2022

4 held for gang-raping sixth-grader

Members of Rapid Action Batallion (RAB) have arrested four people for gang-raping a sixth-grader at Dasar in Madaripur.

20:29 10 April 2022

Bangladesh’s air quality index

Gazipur tops in air pollution, Madaripur in below

Gazipur is at the top of air pollution among 64 districts in 2021. Last year, the level of harmful particles in the air was recorded at 263.51 micrograms per cubic meter on an average of PM2.5. Besides, Madaripur is among the least polluted cities. The level of PM2.5 in the air of this district was 49.08 micrograms per cubic meter.

18:45 3 February 2022