Related News - Educational Institutions

Related News - Educational Institutions

Jashore Board SSC Bangla 2nd paper MCQ exam postponed

Jashore board SSC Bangla 2nd paper MCQ exam has been postponed. However, the written part exam will be held as usual.

19:01 16 September 2022

Class timings not changing: Education Minister

Minister of Education Dipu Moni said that class time of the educational institution is not changing. Government office timings have been temporarily changed to save energy and electricity in the country.

15:37 29 August 2022

Educational institutions to remain closed 2-day a week

All educational institutions in the country will remain closed for two days a week. At the same time, government, autonomous and sub-government offices will be open from 8 am to 3 pm. This schedule will be effective from next Wednesday.

14:59 22 August 2022

2716 new educational institutions enrolled in MPO

This year, 2,716 new educational institutions of the Secondary and Higher Education Division and the Technical and Madrasah Education Division have been newly enrolled in the MPO.

12:44 6 July 2022

Notification of educational institutions closure fake: Ministry

No decision has been made to shut down the educational institutions for the monkeypox epidemic. Even the Ministry of Education has not issued any notification in this regard. The notification spread on social media is fake. Therefore, the ministry has advised everyone to be careful about rumors.

17:04 28 May 2022

In-person classes for primary begin after 1.5 months

After about a month and a half, the students of the primary schools of the country have returned to the in-person classes. However, pre-primary schools remain closed. After monitoring the COVID situation, the government will decide to open the pre-primary school later.

10:52 2 March 2022

Edu Insts to reopen tomorrow

All types of educational institutions including secondary schools, colleges, and universities across the country are set to resume in-person classes partially from tomorrow (Tuesday, February 22) after a month-long closure since January 21 following an increase in Covid-19 transmission.

21:30 21 February 2022

2 days weekend in Edu Insts from 2023: Dipu Moni

From 2023, the weekly leave of all the educational institutions has been made two days, said the Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni.

17:56 19 February 2022

Physical classes in primary from March 1: Ministry 

The government has decided to reopen the primary schools from March 1, a day after the announcement of opening all the educational institutions at the secondary and university level.

12:46 18 February 2022

Education Minister announces when school-college to reopen

Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni has announced to reopen the educational institution from February 22. 

12:00 17 February 2022

Edu Insts will reopen following hygiene rules: Health Minister

Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Maleque today said the decision on opening or closing educational institutions was taken by the Ministry of Education and the Government. Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni. has spoken about opening an educational institution. We would suggest that the educational institution be reopened in compliance with the hygiene rules. 

16:16 12 February 2022

No problem reopening Edu Insts from Feb 21: Health Minister

Health Minister Zahid Maleque today said there will be no problem if the educational institutions are reopened from February 21 due to the reduction in coronavirus outbreaks in the country.

14:23 12 February 2022

DU to remain closed for two more weeks 

Educational institutions were closed due to the rise of coronavirus cases across the country. As the situation in Corona has not come under control yet, the leave of the educational institution has been extended for two more weeks. In keeping with that, in-person classes will remain closed for two more weeks in Dhaka University, said Vice-Chancellor Professor Md. Akhtaruzzaman.

15:28 5 February 2022

Closure of Edu Insts likely to extend further

The government announced the closure of schools and colleges for two weeks on January 21 due to an increase in the COVID outbreaks in the country. The educational institutions are scheduled to open from February 7, but the time period of the closure may be extended for at least two more weeks, said the Minister of Education. 

15:09 1 February 2022