Related News - Ilias Kanchan

Related News - Ilias Kanchan

Entire capital to be brought under CCTVs: HM

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today said the entire capital Dhaka would be brought under CCTV cameras. This will provide special facilities for almost all activities including traffic and crime control in Dhaka city.

15:25 28 May 2022

Kanchan, Nipun applauded by association

Several BFDC (Bangladesh Film Development Corporation) actors are thrilled to have their membership back. In particular, they praised Ilias Kanchan, the new president of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association, and Nipun Akhter, one of the contenders for the post of general secretary. 

20:44 7 April 2022

Ilias Kanchan, Nipun sworn in

The newly elected President of the Film Artistes Association Ilias Kanchan and General Secretary Nipun Akter have taken the oath. 

18:20 6 February 2022

Voting in Artistes’ Association polls underway

The Voting in the 17th biennial election of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association has underway. The voting has started from 9 am on Friday and will continue till 5 pm at the Study Room of the association at BFDC in the capital. 

12:08 28 January 2022

Artistes’ association polls today; List of candidates

The 17th biennial election of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association is being held today (Friday, January 28). This year, two panels are contesting in this election – one of them is the Ilias Kanchan-Nipun panel and the other is the Misa Sawdagar-Zayed Khan panel.

09:54 28 January 2022

Kanchan-Nipun panel receive nominations for Artistes’ Association

Ilias Kanchan-Nipun panel is already under discussion in the election of 2022-23 term of Bangladesh Film Artistes Association. They collected nomination papers on Tuesday. At the time, Symon, Emon, Nirab, Jasmine, Gangua, Arman were also present on behalf of the new panel.

21:31 11 January 2022