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Related News - PM

Bengalmata’s decision helped in achieving Independence: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today revisited the history of the country’s protracted independence struggle extracting Bangamata Begum Fazilatun Nesa Mujib’s key-shadow role particularly in major turning points like the six-point demand, Bangabandhu's conditional release issue and his March 7 speech.

18:38 8 August 2022

Youth will elevate country`s status following Sheikh Kamal

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today hoped that the young generation would groom themselves following the ideals, principles, work procedures and directives of freedom fighter Sheikh Kamal to elevate Bangladesh’s status further not only at home but also across the globe.

18:10 5 August 2022

Conspiracy being mounted to oust Sheikh Hasina from power: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said that conspiracy is being intensified to topple her (Sheikh Hasina) from the power as the national election is approaching nearer.

19:30 3 August 2022

PM slams BNP for hurricane lamp movement

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today criticized BNP leaders for hurricane lamp movement against the government’s initiative to save power and energy to protect Bangladesh from any future danger due to skyrocketing prices of energy globally for the Russia-Ukraine war. 

16:42 1 August 2022

Govt working to transform youths into skilled work force: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said her government is working to build the young generation as skilled work force so they can cope with the technological advancement ahead of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

18:21 31 July 2022

PM stresses export instead of remittance to earn foreign currency

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today underlined the need for focusing on export to earn foreign currencies instead of depending on remittance.

18:03 28 July 2022

PM stresses usage of all water bodies for fisheries

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the countrymen and authorities concerned to maximize use of water bodies for boost further the fisheries sector while Bangladesh ranked third in global fish production.

19:53 24 July 2022

Dinesh Gunawardena sworn in as new Sri Lanka PM

Dinesh Gunawardena was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. He took oath as the new Sri Lankan Premier on Friday.

13:16 22 July 2022

Govt will ensure home for all: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today expressed her firm conviction that the present government will ensure home for everyone irrespective of their political affiliation and views, saying it’s her responsibility as Premier to provide decent life to countrymen.

17:40 21 July 2022

PM hands over 26,229 more houses to homeless, landless families

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today distributed 26,229 more houses to homeless and landless families as part of her government’s effort to ensure housing for the landless people, declaring 52 upazilas of the country as homeless and landless free.

14:37 21 July 2022

PM for maintaining austerity in power consumption

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged all concerned, including the stakeholders in public and private sector, to maintain austerity in all fields, including power consumption, in the wake of global inflationary situation.

20:04 19 July 2022

State of emergency declared in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe has declared a nationwide state of emergency with effect from today, Monday (July 18).

11:11 18 July 2022

Wickremesinghe sworn in as Sri Lanka’s acting president

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn today as acting president, his office said, replacing Gotabaya Rajapaksa who fled to Singapore following months of protest against him.

15:40 15 July 2022

Italian PM Mario offers resignation after coalition falls apart

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has tendered his resignation after losing the support of the alliance, populist coalition partner Five Star, in a confidence vote due to the fragile state of the economy.

10:33 15 July 2022

Protesters break into Sri Lanka PM’s office

Thousands of anti-government protesters stormed into Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office today, Wednesday (July 13), hours after he was named as acting president.

18:27 13 July 2022

Sri Lanka PM Ranil Wickremesinghe appointed acting president

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has been appointed acting president of the country. He was appointed to the post after Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the country amid an unprecedented economic crisis and mass uprisings.

15:26 13 July 2022

PM urges all to be imbued with spirit of sacrifice

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, on the eve of the holy Eid-Ul-Azha, urged all to devote themselves in the welfare of the country being imbued with the spirit of sacrifice.

21:44 9 July 2022

PM urges all to be economical in using power

In view of the global trend of price spiral, power scarcity and looming food crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today called upon all to be cautious in using electricity, make savings and grow more foods to ward off the situation.

18:27 5 July 2022

All credit goes to countrymen for Padma Bridge: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today expressed her gratitude to the countrymen for standing beside her in building the Padma Multipurpose Bridge, saying all credit goes to the people of Bangladesh for its construction.

15:55 3 July 2022

We become victorious: PM

Calling the Padma Bridge as a "symbol of pride, honour and ability" of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the much-hyped bridge now stands on the mighty Padma river confronting all the conspiracies. 

15:59 25 June 2022

Bangladesh will never bow down to any pressure: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today expressed her firm conviction that Bangladesh will never bow down to any pressure rather the country will move ahead with the strength of people.

21:21 22 June 2022

PM inspects flood situation in Sylhet, Netrokona, Sunamganj

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday inspected the flood situation in Sylhet, Sunamganj, Netrokona and adjacent areas. 

12:35 21 June 2022

PM to brief media on Wednesday

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address a press conference on Wednesday morning.

16:34 20 June 2022

Padma Bridge to be blessing for easier communication during flood

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today hoped that the Padma Bridge would be a blessing for the nation for easier communication in the wake of flood, as the government is set to inaugurate it on June 25.

19:14 19 June 2022