2 new rules introduced in Intn`l T-20...

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 January 2022

2 new rules introduced in Intn`l T-20

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 Published: 03:28 PM, 7 January 2022  

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has introduced 2 new rules to apply in the international T20 matches.

ICC has imposed penalties and bans at the end of matches for slow over rate in international cricket. The world cricket governing body has changed the rules and introduced new rules in the T20 format.

From now on, punishment will be given during the match if the over rate is slow in T-20. The ICC said in a press release today (Friday).

The rule has been introduced in boys and girls international T-20 cricket. In addition to this, in the new playing condition, an extra break during the match has also been added.

Article 13.8 of the ICC's playing conditions has introduced the new rule of slow over rate punishment. There, the fielding team will be in a position to bowl the first ball of the last over of the innings as previously scheduled. 

If the fielding team is not in this position then the field umpire should punish the team immediately. The penalty is that for the rest of the innings, the fielding team will field less than 30 yards with one fielder.

The ICC Cricket Committee has introduced the rule based on the recommendations. The ICC took up the issue after the England Cricket Board (ECB) successfully introduced the rule in the 'Hundred' tournament.

The batsmen will benefit if there is less than one fielder outside 30 yards. Meanwhile, there is not a single instance of slow over rate in recent times in ending the over quota within the allotted time in the innings. Sometimes the parties are being punished for this.

The rules will be introduced in the boy's West Indies-Ireland series starting January 16. The rule in women's cricket will be introduced on January 18 with the South Africa-West Indies series.

In addition to the extra drinking break, this break may be kept in the middle of each inning. However, before the start of the series, the two teams have to agree on this. This break will last for two and a half minutes.

Although the rule was introduced in the last T-20 World Cup, from now on the ICC wants to use it in every international T-20 series.