Strongest Belgiun who ‘denied’ COVID jab dies...

Strongest Belgiun who ‘denied’ COVID jab dies

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 Published: 01:58 PM, 27 December 2021   Updated: 03:25 PM, 27 December 2021

Frederick Sinistra; Photo: Collected

Frederick Sinistra; Photo: Collected

He was known as the strongest person in Belgium. He even denied taking the COVID jab where the world becomes an outcry for the crisis of the coronavirus vaccine. But like others, the virus did not leave the strongest guy! The strongest guy, Frederic Sinistra, had died of the COVID virus.

Sinistra said no to the vaccine while the whole world is going through vaccination. All the researchers have said that the only hope to survive the COVID epidemic is being vaccinated. The vaccine may not provide complete protection against death or infection but it can increase the chances of survival.

But, the three-time world kickboxing champion, wanted to blow up COVID like other opponents without a vaccine. But only at the age of 41, COVID took his life.

Belgian media de Telegraph informed the news of his death. According to the newspaper, the kickboxer died in Liege, Belgium on December 15. He died while undergoing treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

Sinistra had the idea that 'Vaccine cannot make you stronger.' However, Nobody has confirmed the disease he died of or the hospital where he was admitted.

Siinistra said in a post on Instagram at the end of November, 'Unfortunately, the match to be played in France on December 4 has to be postponed. Sounds very annoying, but I am grateful to my wife and uncle Osman Egin. Many ailments are hurting my lungs.' 

Sinistra did not mention the name of the disease in his post.

According to the newspaper, Sinistra left the hospital after recovering. But the fact that COVID pushes back is made clear once again.