Old Dhaka busy with kites selling for Shakrain...

Dhaka, Saturday   22 January 2022

Old Dhaka busy with kites selling for Shakrain

 Masud Rana daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 09:40 PM, 12 January 2022   Updated: 09:41 PM, 12 January 2022

Colorful kites in the shops of Shankhari Bazar in Old Dhaka; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Colorful kites in the shops of Shankhari Bazar in Old Dhaka; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Only two days left. Poush Sankranti, a traditional Bengali festival, will be celebrated on Friday – which is also known as the Shakrain Festival of Old Dhaka. The festival is also known as Kite Festival and Ghuri Utsob. There is a flock of kites selling in the alleys of Old Dhaka centering on the Shakrain Festival. Children, young and old are buying kites. Now, the work of final touch in kites is going on.

While visiting the Shankhari Bazar in Old Dhaka, it was seen that various types of kites are being sold around the Shakrain Festival. Among them are Chashmadar, Kautadar, Pankhiraj, Prajapati, Chakshudar, Eagle, White Kite, Charboa, Dui Boa, Tekka, Lav Ghuri, 3 Tekka, Maladar, Chess Kite, Badur, Chill, Angry Bird kites.

When asked about the price of kite and yarn, the shopkeepers replied that the price of an ordinary kite is Tk 8-25. Foreign and design kites cost Tk 150-350. Various types of bowls-faced, face masks, iron-handles of kites, wooden kites, chabadi kites are sold for Tk 150-800. Dragon yarn, ghost yarn, cat yarn, various types of yarn for kite flying are sold for Tk 150-500.

Children are buying kites in Shankhari Bazar; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Kamal Ghosh, owner of Radha Madhuri Products in Shankhari Bazar, told Daily Bangladesh that sales are going well. Most of them are wholesale customers. Buyers from different parts of Dhaka city came and took kites. There are 8 to 10 types of kites in the store. Sales are also going well.

Jamal and his friend Siddique, who came to buy kites, said they like the Shakrain Festival very much. They fly kites during Shakrain with friends every year.

Colorful kites in Shankhari Bazar; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Noted that the traditional festival of old Dhaka Shakrain will start from the morning of January 14. On this day, besides flying kites all day long, the sky of the city on the banks of Buriganga is filled with colorful fireworks and colorful lanterns in the evening.

Apart from Old Dhaka, this festival is now celebrated in other areas of Dhaka. Earlier, Hindus used to observe Shakrain, but now people of all religions observe this as a part of Bengali culture.