Meta tests end-to-end encryption for Messenger...

Meta tests end-to-end encryption for Messenger

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 Published: 03:55 PM, 12 August 2022   Updated: 03:56 PM, 12 August 2022



Meta has long been working on end-to-end encryption for its messaging products, but so far, only WhatsApp has switched on the privacy feature by default. In its latest update about its efforts, Meta said it will start testing default end-to-end encrypted chats for select users on Messenger.

Meta ‍added that Messenger launched end-to-end encryption earlier this year. As a result, all the information exchanged in the messenger is converted into a special code from the sender to the recipient. No one else can see the messages.

End-to-end encryption also erases messages if the device is lost. This time, Facebook has taken the initiative to save secret messages. These data can be stored in various online cloud services as well as Messenger. But even there the messages will be safe.

When this feature is enabled, messages with selected people will automatically get (built-in) end-to-end encryption without turning on the ‘Secret Conversation’ feature. The functionality of this feature will be tested on specific users soon.

Meanwhile, sent messages can be automatically deleted using the Vanish Mode feature in Messenger. That is, the message will be deleted after a specified time if the recipient sees it. But for this, Vanish Mode facility must be enabled before sending the message.