Top 10 millionaire YouTubers of 2021...

Top 10 millionaire YouTubers of 2021

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 Published: 10:55 AM, 19 January 2022   Updated: 11:45 AM, 19 January 2022

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The 23 years old content creator, Demi Donaldson, has made the most money from YouTube in 2021. Also known as the American Mr. Beast. His annual income is 54 million; Which is about 4,638 million in Bangladeshi currency.

Forbes says his videos have been viewed more than 10 billion times on YouTube. In terms of revenue, the Beast has overtaken 10 years old Ryan Kazi, a toy reviewer who has topped the annual list for the past two years.

According to YouTube Trend experts, two-thirds of YouTube content creators are not in English. YouTube Trends expert Chris Stokel-Walker says the top ten earners this year are the most interesting and the stars on this list were also somewhere in the previous list.

Top 10 earning channels on YouTube in 2021 – 

Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast uploads stunt and prank videos to entertain the audience. He created various self-made stunts of the popular Netflix squid game on his channel.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is in the second place in the list of Forbes. Jake Paul has returned to the top ten by participating in boxing. He made 45 million.


MarkPlayer has earned 38 million. He is a regular gaming creator. MarkPlier has used his business skills to build a successful brand.

Rehtt & Link

Rehat & Link is in the fourth position. His income exceeded 30 million.


A Minecraft player who has been uploading content to YouTube for over a decade. He sold his catalog to Business Spotter, which led to him earning 28.5 million dollers.


The seven years old Russian YouTuber has made more than 28 million. He has almost 90 million subscribers. He started out as a toy-unboxer.

Ryan Kazi

The world's most famous toy reviewer has dropped from number one to number seven. He made a total of 27 million a year from his toy reviews, educational videos and family vlogs.

Dudi Perfect

He was number three on the list in 2020. Comedy Prankster Dudi Perfect has earned 20 million.

Logan Paul

Controversial boxer and vlogger Logan Paul made 18 million.

Preston Arsment

Preston Arsment is in the top ten with an income of 16 million. However, in 2020, he was in sixth place.

Meanwhile, with the top 10 earners, US magazine estimates that these content creators have earned at least 300 million in total.