TikTok Picks Oracle over Microsoft...

TikTok Picks Oracle over Microsoft

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 Published: 10:27 AM, 14 September 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

After long procrastination, China's ByteDance has finally chosen a consortium led by Oracle to take over TikTok's US business, reports Reuters. Rival bidder Microsoft on the other hand has revealed its bid was rejected.

Chinese tech company ByteDance has decided to sell its video-sharing app TikTok's US operations to a consortium led by Oracle, reports said on Monday. This comes soon after rival bidder Microsoft announced that its bid had been rejected.

"ByteDance let us know today they would not be selling TikTok's US operations to Microsoft," Microsoft revealed in a statement late Sunday. "We are confident our proposal would have been good for TikTok's users while protecting national security interests."

US President Donald Trump previously announced that he would ban the app in the US starting mid-September, citing concerns over US data being potentially accessed by the Chinese government. He ordered ByteDance to sell all US-based operations to an American company.

However, TikTok has refuted claims that it is a national-security risk.