‘Contractor company is 100% responsible for Uttara accident’...

Contractor company is 100% responsible for Uttara accident: Report

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 06:08 PM, 16 August 2022   Updated: 07:41 PM, 16 August 2022



ABM Amin Ullah Nuri, Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, today said the contractor company is “100% responsible” for the girder accident in Uttara. 

“100 percent punitive action will be taken against them in this incident,” he said this at a press conference in the ministry on Tuesday.

ABM Amin Ullah Nuri said “what caused the accident” and “who is responsible” — these two things are being investigated. As the reason for this incident, the issues that have come up in the investigation are that “the contractor should have informed the concerned parties to ensure safety before the work of the Chinese contractor company, however, they didn’t do that”. Besides, yesterday was not supposed to work on a holiday, yet they did it. So they are 100% responsible for this incident.

He said the traffic was not informed during the work. The crane tilts to one side. Besides, this accident took place due to the traffic congestion suddenly increased in the afternoon.

Regarding who is responsible for this incident, the Secretary said the contractor Chinese Company Gezhouba works on holidays without informing anyone. No related support has been arranged.

In response to a query from the journalists about whether the crane driver has a license, he said, “the driver is still absconding”. Until he is found, it is not possible to confirm whether he has a license or whether he is authorized by the government.

He said that maximum action will be taken against the contracting company. It will be recommended that they do not get any more work.

Meanwhile, the investigation committee formed by the ministry has given its preliminary investigation report on the under-construction flyover girder accident in the capital’s Uttara BRT project. The investigation committee said that “the issue of negligence of the contractor has come up”.

Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges said as per the preliminary investigation report, the main responsibility for the incident on Monday lies with the contractor. They were working without informing anyone, but “work was supposed to be closed yesterday”. According to the agreement with them, if such a thing happens, action will be taken against them as per their liability. The ministry will discuss this in detail. Apart from this, appropriate measures will be taken after checking whether anyone else has any liability.

A five-member investigation committee was formed into the BRT project crane accident in Uttara on Monday night. The committee was formed under the chairmanship of Neelima Akhtar, Additional Secretary (Urban Transport Division) of the Road Transport and Highways Division.

Earlier, on Monday afternoon, a girder of the under-construction Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Uttara Sector-3 fell on a private car from a crane. Two people in the car named Hriday, 26, and Riya Moni, 21, were rescued and taken to the hospital with injuries. 

The deceased in this incident – Rubel, 50, Jharna, 28, Jannat, 6, and Zakaria 2. The identity of the other deceased is not known.