President calls to ensure cost-effective use of electricity, fuel...

President calls to ensure cost-effective use of electricity, fuel oil, gas

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 07:13 PM, 8 August 2022   Updated: 09:27 PM, 8 August 2022

President M Abdul Hamid; File Photo

President M Abdul Hamid; File Photo

To ensure an uninterrupted supply of energy, President M Abdul Hamid urged to increase gas and oil exploration activities as well as to ensure the best and most cost-effective use of electricity, fuel oil and gas.

He made this call on Monday in a message on the occasion of ‘National Energy Security Day 2022’.

The President said that an uninterrupted supply of energy is a very important prerequisite to ensure the growth of the economic growth index. Considering the importance of energy, the theme of this year’s National Energy Security Day “Multipurpose Energy, Prosperous Future” is very timely.

He added that the main driving force of a country’s economy is energy and electricity. Realizing the importance of energy, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took the initiative to take the ownership of 5 gas fields of the British company “Shell Well” in favor of the state on August 9, 1975 – which has been making an important contribution to the country’s economic development and energy security.

Abdul Hamid said natural gas is one of the sources of energy in Bangladesh. Most of the country’s gas fields are located on land. In this case, in order to increase the reserves of natural gas, exploration activities should be strengthened on the land as well as in the vast sea area of ​​the country and the production, transmission and distribution activities should be accelerated.

“Effective initiatives should be taken and people should be encouraged to use mixed and renewable energy by reducing sole dependence on natural gas. Besides, it is very important to emphasize basic energy-related research and innovation of practical and practical technologies to continue the trend of future development and progress,” he said.

The President said that in the current global reality, there is no alternative to make the people economical and aware of the use of energy to keep the trend of economic development stable.