RAB issues 4 guidelines for transporting bus passengers...

RAB issues 4 guidelines for transporting bus passengers

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 05:58 PM, 8 August 2022  

RAB issues 4 guidelines for transporting bus passengers- File Photo

RAB issues 4 guidelines for transporting bus passengers- File Photo

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has arrested 10 members of the dacoit gang, including the mastermind Ratan, in connection with the robbery and gang-rape on a moving bus in Tangail. RAB said that one of the reasons for this incident was taking passengers on the way without tickets.

RAB said that if tickets are purchased at the counter with National Identity Card (NID) and mobile number, incidents of highway robberies will be reduced. Besides, passengers cannot be picked up without bus stop.

RAB Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moin came up with this information at a press conference organized on Monday afternoon at Karwan Bazar RAB Media Center regarding the arrest of 10 robbers in connection with Tangail bus robbery and rape.

At this time, he asked to follow 4 guidelines to transport passengers—

1. No passengers can be picked up on the way.
2. Passengers with bags cannot be picked up in the vehicle without scanning.
3. Tickets cannot be issued without NID.
4. CCTV cameras should be installed in buses considering the safety of passengers.

In response to a question from journalists at the press conference, Khandaker Al Moin said that the mastermind of the robbery, Ratan, had earlier robbed 10 buses. However, they initially said that incidents like molestation or rape had not happened on any bus before. However, further investigation will reveal the matter later.

In response to the question of who among the arrested was involved in the rape, Commander Khandaker Al Moin said, after the statement under Section 164 and medical examination, it will be known who was involved in the molestation.

The RAB official said that it is dangerous to take passengers on the bus without scanning, if a passenger gets on the bus with a bomb, it is dangerous for all the passengers on the bus.