Capital`s cattle market gets momentum...

Capital`s cattle market gets momentum

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 10:03 PM, 6 July 2022  

Capital`s cattle market gets momentum

Capital`s cattle market gets momentum

The holy Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest festival of Muslims will be celebrated across the country on July 10. On this occasion, sacrificial animals have been coming from different parts of the country to the animal markets of the capital for several days. In the meantime, the cattle markets of the capital have become busy with buyers and sellers. However, most of the buyers are coming to the market to understand the situation. Since there are three days left for Eid, they are leaving after hearing the price. Since the sale of animals has not started like that, the sellers are also raising the prices in the hope of making more profit. 

According to the decision of the Dhaka North and South City Corporation, the hats were supposed to be set up from Wednesday (July 6), but the sacrificial animals started arriving 2-3 days earlier in the makeshift hats of the capital. Buying and selling in these markets will continue till Eid day morning (July 10).

On Wednesday, visiting capital's Postagola, Dhupkhola Math, Roy Saheb Bazar Road and Donia College Math makeshift cattle markets, some of those who had come to sell cattle a few days ago were preparing cow feed. Some of the newcomers are unloading the cattle from the truck, some are keeping the cattle in the designated place.

The traders said that they had come to the market earlier to keep the cattle at the place of their choice to attract the attention of the buyers. Some of the animals fell ill while transporting by truck. That's why they brought the animals to the market earlier; As if to get some rest.

Mia Chan Sheikh, a trader from Faridpur, who came to the temporary hut of Donia College ground, said there was not much of a problem on the way to bring the cattle. "This time I have come to the market to keep the animals in a high place as the Eid-ul-Azha is in the rainy season. I have brought 12 cattle in the first consignment and will bring some more cattle," he further said.

Rahim Uddin, who came to the capital's Postagola market to buy sacrificial animals, said there were still three days left for Eid. I came to the market today to observe prices and saw some animals. However, if the price is reasonable, then I can buy the animal today. And if the price doesn't match, I will go around other markets in the capital and buy animals."

Talking to Rafiqul in Capital's Dhupkhola makeshift market, a vendor from Jhenaidah, said the market has not started trading yet. Some buyers are coming. They are bargaining after seeing the cattle. However, sales may be higher from Friday. It is raining now. It is also difficult to buy cattle. There is also a problem of buying food. Therefore, a few buyers have expressed interest in buying animals a day or two before Eid. Then sales may increase.

He added that carts full of cattle are coming to the market every day. The supply will increase in the next couple of days. Then the price is likely to go down. The trader also expressed concern about getting the desired price.

Dhaka South City Corporation Property Officer (Executive Magistrate) Moniruzzaman said it has been decided to set up 10 makeshift cattle markets in the DSCC area this time. Apart from this, there is also a sacrificial animal market at Sarulia's permanent market.

He further said that strict instructions have been given to set up a sacrificial animal market at the leased place of the city corporation. In case of deviation, legal action will be taken. Mobile courts and law enforcement are on high alert for the safety of the hat and animal traders.

Md. Moniruzzaman added that Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated this time too amid coronavirus infection. In the meantime, we had to set up a cattle market. As a result, everyone has been instructed to come to the animal market in compliance with hygiene rules to prevent corona. Specially asked to wear a face mask. He also said that action will be taken if the health rules are not followed.

Like last year, Metropolitan Detective (DB) and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) are working in coordination to control the discipline of the market.