Security beefed up for Padma Bridge inauguration...

Security beefed up for Padma Bridge inauguration

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 11:19 AM, 23 June 2022   Updated: 12:43 PM, 23 June 2022

Padma Bridge; Photo: Collected

Padma Bridge; Photo: Collected

After a long wait, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to inaugurate her dream Padma Bridge on June 25. The people of the country are overwhelmed by the realization of their long-cherished dream.

Security has been beefed up across the country following the inauguration of the Padma Bridge, one of the mega projects in the country’s history. Members of the law enforcement agencies are on high alert to prevent any kind of sabotage or malpractice in the run-up to the festival.

Instructions in this regard have been sent to all the units across the country from the police headquarters. Specialized units of law enforcement are working to prevent any rumors in the cyber world including on social media.

All the units have been instructed to take necessary action immediately if they see anything suspicious through round-the-clock monitoring through cyber.

Concerned people said besides the Prime Minister, Cabinet members and prominent politicians, diplomats of different countries posted in Bangladesh will be present on the inauguration day of the Padma Bridge. Special measures have been taken for their safety. On the inauguration day, at least 5,000 law enforcers, including RAB and police, will be deployed in uniform on both banks of the Padma. Apart from this, a large number of white-clad members will be on duty. Meanwhile, intelligence members of different units have been active on both sides of the bridge.

The entire area will be swept by the Dog Squad and Bomb Disposal Unit of the concerned unit before the inauguration ceremony. The Bomb Disposal Unit and Special Forces members will be deployed on both sides during the event. Helicopter teams of different units will be ready to deal with any situation. Besides naval police and coast guard, there will be boot patrolling of various units on the river. Apart from this, through checkposts, foot patrols and car patrols, flawless security measures will be in place throughout the area.

Police say officers from every range of the country, including the capital, have been warned about the inauguration of the Padma Bridge. Special instructions have been given to each police station in the area around DMP and Padma Bridge. Mess and residential hotels in those areas have been asked to increase surveillance to see if any outsiders have taken up positions.

A large number of checkposts are already being set up on various roads in the vicinity of Padma Bridge. The suspects have also been seen interrogating in need. Besides, law enforcement patrol teams have been seen increasing activity in the entire area.

Additional Commissioner (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) AKM Hafiz Akter said various programs have been organized across the country on the occasion, including the inauguration of the Padma Bridge. The police are working to ensure that these events will go smoothly.

Addressing the police members at the crime review meeting of the DMP last Sunday, DMP Commissioner Moha. Shafiqul Islam said on the occasion of the inauguration of Padma Bridge on June 25 – smooth movement and security of VIPs and VVIPs should be ensured. On the occasion of the inauguration of Padma Bridge, searches in residential hotels and messes should be intensified to prevent any kind of sabotage.

RAB in special security

According to the RAB, the RAB along with other law enforcement agencies will be on duty to ensure security considering the overall situation on the occasion of the inauguration of the bridge. The RAB will have special security arrangements with a sufficient number of RAB members to deal with all kinds of untoward situations.

Meanwhile, intelligence surveillance has been intensified in the surrounding areas including Service Area-1 and Service Area-2 at both ends of the bridge. The required number of RAB patrols will be deployed for the security of the gathering place, toll plaza, plaque unveiling and helipad area. For overall security during the event, there will be a RAB control room, striking reserve, patrol, motorcycle patrol, foot patrol, boat patrolling, observation post, checkpost and a necessary number of CCTV monitoring.

RAB bomb disposal units and dog squads will be sweeping the two ends of the bridge, including the meeting place. The RAB Bomb Disposal Unit, Special Forces Commando Team will be on standby at any time for any emergencies. Besides, RAB Air Wing helicopters are ready at all times in any situation.

RAB Director General (DG) Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said there was no specific information about the attack or sabotage related to the inauguration of the Padma Bridge. RAB is ready to thwart any kind of sabotage plan of militants by increasing intelligence surveillance and monitoring in the cyber world. The RAB’s cyber monitoring team is also constantly monitoring to prevent any kind of rumor from spreading around the Padma Bridge in the virtual world.