Assaulting 3 policemen in Jurain: 23 detained so far...

Assaulting 3 policemen in Jurain: 23 detained so far

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 01:45 PM, 10 June 2022   Updated: 01:46 PM, 10 June 2022

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File Photo

So far, 23 people have been arrested in connection with assaulting three policemen at the Jurain Railgate area in the capital’s Wari.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) of the Wari Division of the Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) Muhammad Ashraf Hossain confirmed the matter on Friday afternoon.

He said six people were arrested on the day of the incident. Since then, a total of 23 people, including 17 people, have been arrested. Everyone’s involvement is being checked and sorted out by questioning them.

On June 7, a traffic sergeant was assaulted when he tried to stop a motorcyclist who was coming from the wrong side of the road in the Jurain Railgate area to see the documents. Two other policemen who later came to his rescue were also assaulted. 

Injured Sergeant Ali Hossain had to give 21 stitches. The other injured policemen are — Traffic Constable Sirajul Islam and Shyampur Police Station SI Utpal Chandra.

It is learned that a motorcycle was coming from the wrong direction in the Jurain Railgate area. There were two riders including a woman on the motorcycle. When the on-duty traffic sergeant Ali Hossain wanted to see the documents of the motorcycle, the motorcyclist started using abusive words and wanted to see the identity of the on-duty traffic sergeant.

Later, when the two were taken to the police box, the woman who was with them got excited and started shouting. Opportunity seekers in the vicinity then assaulted the sergeant, accusing him of harassing the woman, and destroyed the police box. The accused motorcyclist pressed his feet on the sergeant’s chest. At that moment, one of the eager crowd stabbed the sergeant on the spot.