70pc people vaccinated in country...

70pc people vaccinated in country

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 03:45 PM, 22 May 2022   Updated: 08:38 PM, 22 May 2022

70pc people vaccinated in country

70pc people vaccinated in country

The vaccination drive against coronavirus in the country began in February last year. Since then, about 70 percent of the country's population has been vaccinated.

About 11 crores 71 lakh 66 thousand 10 people have been vaccinated in two doses and one dose has been given to 12 crore 87 lakh 8 thousand 132 people. These are vaccines from Oxford-AstraZeneca, Synovac, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna and Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine. Each vaccine is to be taken in two doses. Besides, 1 crore 41 lakh 68 thousand 952 people have been given booster doses.  

According to the updated data of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics 'Report on Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics 2020', the population of the country is 16 crores 91 lakh. Of them, 69.27 percent of people have received two doses of the vaccine while 76.11 percent of the total population got the first dose. The government wants to bring 80 percent of the country's population under vaccination. As such, 13 crores 52 lakh 8 thousand people will have to be vaccinated.

So far, 24 crores 58 lakh 74 thousand 142 doses vaccines have been inoculated. And about 26 crore vaccines have come. Among the vaccine recipients, 1 crore 87 lakh 18 thousand 119 people have taken two doses of AstraZeneca, 5 crores 30 lakh 54 thousand 11 people received Synoform, 2 crores 4 lakh 37 thousand 368 people inoculated Pfizer jabs, 2 crores 12 lakh 93 thousand 951 people have been given Synovac, 2 lakh 22 thousand 886 people have been inoculated Johnson & Johnson and  34 lakh 45 thousand 725 people have been received Moderna.

Booster doses are being given to recipients of two doses of the vaccine. So far, however, more than 80 percent of people have not been covered by the booster dose. So the Department of Health plans to launch a booster dose campaign in June. 

According to the Department of Health, a 6-7 day campaign will be launched in early June to inoculate booster doses.