Road crashes kill 1674 children in 2yrs...

Road crashes kill 1674 children in 2yrs

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 03:28 PM, 19 May 2022  

Road crashes kill 1674 children in 2yrs

Road crashes kill 1674 children in 2yrs

The death rate of children in road accidents in the country has increased at an alarming rate. From 2020 to April 2022, 1674 children were killed in road accidents across the country.

Road Safety Foundation came up with the information on Thursday.

According to the report, due to mismanagement and anarchy in the road and road transport sector, children are being killed at an unusual rate in road accidents.

Analyzing the number of child deaths in road accidents in the last 28 months from the report, it is seen that 331 children have been killed as passengers of different vehicles. As many as 1,027 children were killed when they were hit by a vehicle while crossing the road and walking on the road.

At least 48 children were killed as drivers and assistants of trucks, pickups, tractors, drum trucks, and other goods vehicles, and 268 children were killed while driving motorcycles.

According to the report, 72 children were killed as bus passengers, 25 children as private car passengers, microbus and ambulance passengers, and 183 children as passengers of three-wheelers (CNG-powered autorickshaws, easy bikes, etc.), locally made vehicles (Nasiman, Mahindra, Tomtom, etc.) 51 children were killed as passengers.

Observations of child deaths due to hits of various vehicles have shown that 258 children have been killed by goods laden vehicles (trucks, covered vans, pickups, drum trucks, tractors, trolleys, etc.), 143 children were killed when buses, private cars, microbuses and ambulances ran over them, 321 children were killed when three-wheelers (CNG-powered autorickshaws, easy bikes, etc.) were pushed or pushed, 208 children were killed when they were hit by locally made vehicles (Nasimon, Bhatvati, Mahindra, Tomtom, etc.) and 97 children were killed due to reckless motorcycle driving.

Analysis of road types shows that 287 children were killed on highways, 328 children were killed on regional roads, 889 children were killed on rural roads, 147 children were killed on urban roads and 23 children were killed in other places.

Age analysis shows that 337 children were aged between 1 month to 5 years, 754 children were aged between 6 to 12 years, and 583 children were aged between 13 to 18 years.

According to the Road Safety Foundation, the reasons for the increase in children deaths in road accidents are lack of child-friendly roads and road transport in the country, lack of awareness among children about road use, lack of advice and training on road use in families and educational institutions, incompetent and immature drivers. The lack of adequate medical care for children injured in accidents, and the financial inability of families to treat injured children.

Road Safety Foundation recommends setting up special government funds for the treatment of road accident victims, and implementing the "Road Transport Act 2018".