Not 9 days, No Eid Holiday on May 5: Ministry...

Not 9 days, No Eid Holiday on May 5: Ministry

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 Published: 04:17 PM, 20 April 2022   Updated: 05:14 PM, 20 April 2022

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May 5 is not being declared a public holiday with the Eid holiday. As a result, the nine-day leave that government employees were hoping for is no longer happening. 

Ministry of Public Administration informed the news on Thursday.

Eid holidays are scheduled for three days from May 2 to 4 in the official calendar. Before that, May 1 is Labor Day or May Day holiday. Prior to this, April 29 and 30 will be weekends, Friday and Saturday. As a result, the Eid holiday will start on April 29.

The office will be opened on Thursday, May 5, in the middle. This will be followed by weekends, Friday (May 6) and Saturday (May 7). If May 5 is a holiday, the country will fall into the trap of a nine-day holiday.

Rumors have started among the administration officials about “whether there will be a holiday on May 5” after Eid. They say if there is a one-day off, they will be able to take nine days off in a row! If the holidays increase, everyone will benefit from reducing the traffic pressure during Eid.  

The Ministry of Public Administration has ruled out the issue of May 5 as a holiday.

The ministry says that if an officer-employee has to take nine days off in a row on May Day, Eid and weekends, he or she has to “take leave” on May 5. And if someone is absent from work without taking leave on May 5, the leave before and after that time will be deducted from his or her own leave.  

Depending on the moon sighting, the Holy Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated in the country on May 2 or 3. If the month of Ramadan ends on 29 days, Eid will be on May 2 and if 30 days are completed, Eid will be on May 3.  

KM Ali Azam, senior secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration, told reporters that if anybody take leave on May 5, it would be a long day off. Employees have an issue with “optional leave”. Those who take a holiday on Thursday will be able to enjoy the holiday consistently. Whoever does not take leave, will have to work on that day.

If a person is absent from the office without taking leave on May 5, then all previous and post leave will be deducted from his leave, he added.