Traditional Shakrain Festival begins...

Dhaka, Thursday   27 January 2022

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Traditional Shakrain Festival begins

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 11:05 AM, 14 January 2022   Updated: 01:08 PM, 14 January 2022

Shakrain Festival; File Photo

Shakrain Festival; File Photo

Poush Sankranti, which is also known as the Shakrain Festival of Old Dhaka, a traditional Bengali festival, is being celebrated today (Friday, January 14).

Today is also the first day of Magh in the Bengali calendar. On this day, the sky of Old Dhaka will be adorned with different types of kites in various colors. 

At one time, Shakrain Festival was limited to the followers of Traditional Religions but now the day is celebrated solemnly in Old Dhaka. People of all ages of all religions took part in the festival. Youths from other parts of Dhaka also rushed to Old Dhaka to join the festival.

Hundreds of kites of various colors will fly across the sky from noon to evening. There will be a crowd of people of all ages on the roof of every building in Old Dhaka.

The people of the area – Gandaria, Murgitola, Dhupkhola, Dayaganj, Jatrabari, Narinda, Sutrapur, Kagojitola, Banglabazar, Luxmibazar, Kaltabazar, Dholai Khal, Shankhari Bazar, Ray Shaheb Bazar, Nababpur, Bangshal, Nazira Bazaar, Tanti Bazar and Lalbagh – will organize the day-long festival including flying kites and organize various meals. Besides, setting off fireworks in the evening is one of the most attractive parts of the festival.

There will be festive in every house with Murir Moa, Bakarkhani and Pitha making. Currently, the festival has a touch of modernity. In other words, fireworks and lanterns will be started flying after evening. Fireworks will be observed in these areas from evening till midnight.

With this festival in mind, Thread String has been celebrated for the last one week in most of the alleys of Bayanno Bazar Teppanna Gali in Old Dhaka and open roofs.

Meanwhile, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has urged commuters to refrain from using fireworks and lanterns at the Shakrain Festival.

Noted that this decision has been taken as there were many fire incidents in different places of Dhaka during the celebration of the 31st Night of the English New Year 2022 (December 31, 2021). Besides, the suffering of the city dwellers has also been taken into consideration in the monstrous sound of incessant fireworks.