Crime against humanity: Verdict against 6 on Thursday...

Crime against humanity: Verdict against 6 on Thursday

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 05:30 PM, 26 July 2022   Updated: 05:43 PM, 26 July 2022

Crime against humanity: Verdict against 6 on Thursday

Crime against humanity: Verdict against 6 on Thursday

The International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-1 will announce the verdict against 6 people from Batiaghata in Khulna in the case of crimes against humanity in 1971 on Thursday.

The six accused are Amjad Hossain Howladar, Sahar Ali Sardar, Atiyar Rahman, Motachim Billah, Kamal Uddin Goldar and Nazrul Islam. Nazrul Islam is absconding among them.

On Tuesday, a three-member tribunal headed by International Criminal Tribunal Judge Shahinur Islam fixed this day for the verdict in the case. Prosecutor Sabina Yasmin Khan Munni appeared for the state in the case.

Charges against the accused-

First complaint: On August 10, 1971, four or five Razakars including Amjad Hossain Howladar attacked the house of Shanti Lata Mandal in Machalia village of Batiaghata and illegally detained, tortured, kidnapped and shot dead Vinod Mandal.

Second charge: Arresting, torturing and shooting dead unarmed Haridas Majumdar on October 15, 1971 in the Chaparashi house of Purvhalia village of Batiaghata.

Third charge: Killing four innocent and unarmed Hindus, looting and setting fire to four-six houses by attacking Sukhdara village of Batiaghata to wipe out the Hindu community on October 21 during the liberation war.

Fourth charge: On November 29, 1971, the accused attacked and shot dead freedom fighters Jyotish Mondal and Abdul Aziz in Baroaria village of Batiaghata.