Vehicles can’t be requisitioned for more than 7 days: HC...

Vehicles can’t be requisitioned for more than 7 days: HC

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 06:16 PM, 8 June 2022  

High Court; File Photo

High Court; File Photo

The High Court (HC) today in the full text of its 2019 judgment said police will not be allowed to keep any vehicle after a requisition for more than seven days.

A High Court division bench comprising Justice Naima Haider and Justice Khizir Ahmed Choudhury announced the verdict on July 31, 2019, and the full text of it got released on Wednesday.

Lawyer Manjil Murshid was in favor of the writ petition while lawyer Mushtaq Hossain was in favor of DMP.

The High Court had come up with the judgment after holding a hearing on a plea filed by the rights group Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB) in 2010.

“The court asked the concerned authorities to follow the guideline. Only the Dhaka Metropolitan Police commissioner is authorized to requisition vehicles and those will only be used for the public interest. No police officer or his family cannot be allowed to use those vehicles for their personal interest,” Advocate Manjil Murshid, who had moved the plea for HRPB, said.

According to the judgment, the cost of fuel and all other expenses will be borne by the concerned authorities and a committee will determine any compensation and daily allowances for the vehicle. The compensation will be given within 15 days.