China to conduct military operations in Taiwan at any time!...

China to conduct military operations in Taiwan at any time!

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 Published: 10:32 AM, 3 August 2022   Updated: 01:18 PM, 3 August 2022



The Speaker of the House of the Representatives of the country, Nancy polosi, has visited Taiwan despite repeated warnings to the US including US President Joe Biden. And it is a challenge to protect China’s sovereignty and geographical integrity. China’s Ministry of Defense has announced that military action will be taken in response to this.

On Tuesday night, the ministry’s spokesperson, Wu Qian, gave this information.

Wu Qian said China’s People’s Liberation Army is on high alert and fully prepared for military operations. We will be targeting various establishments in Taiwan.

He also said that the operation will be conducted as a response to the unwanted meddling of foreign powers in our internal affairs to protect Chin’s sovereignty and geographical integrity, suppress Taiwan’s separatists and protect Taiwan’s independence.

Earlier, Pelosi left Washington on Monday to visit several countries in East and Southeast Asia. This trip includes visits to Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. But there was no schedule for a visit to Taiwan. However, before he left Washington, he became famous in various international media - he will also go to Taiwan on this trip. Several high-ranking officials of the US and Taiwan governments confirmed this to the international media. The Chinese government issued a warning to the United States on Monday after this news was published in various international media. The country’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a press conference in Beijing on Monday that if Pelosi does indeed visit Taiwan, the consequences will be very serious. Lijian also warned that the Chinese army will not sit idly by.

In response to China’s warning, White House National Security Adviser John Kirby told reporters on Tuesday that Pelosi has the right to go (to Taiwan) and that the United States is not afraid of China’s threat. Pelosi, however, did not confirm whether she would visit Taiwan.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also said at a press conference on Tuesday that whether the Speaker will visit Taiwan is entirely up to his personal wishes.

In the end, Nancy went to Taiwan around 11:15 local time on Tuesday, ignoring China’s warning. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu personally welcomed Nancy Pelosi at the airport. This is the first visit to Taiwan by a top US politician since 1997.

Shortly after Nancy arrived in Taiwan, China’s Ministry of Defense announced a military operation.