Japan facing worst heatwave in 150 years...

Japan facing worst heatwave in 150 years

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 Published: 02:50 PM, 2 July 2022  



Public life in Japan is in the throes due to the worst heatwave in its history. In such a situation, the demand for electricity has increased. The country’s government has warned of a power crisis at any time. As a result, the Japanese people have been requested to be economical in using electricity.

The number of heatstrokes has risen in Japan over the past week. Many people are being hospitalized with heatstroke.

In this situation, the government has advised the citizens to use air-conditioning devices to avoid heatstroke. The Japan Meteorological Agency has warned that the situation will continue for the next few days. “Climate change” is causing frequent heatwave. At the same time, the intensity and the stability of the heatwave are also increasing.

The temperature in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, exceeded 35 degrees for the fifth day in a row on Wednesday. Japan has been recording temperatures since 1875. Since then, the country has recorded the “highest temperature” this June.

Tokyo recorded a temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius in the northwestern city of Isesaki, the highest temperature recorded in Japan in June.

Locals have expressed their frustration on social media Twitter over the rise in temperature.

According to Reuters, June is usually a monsoon in Japan. However, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) announced the end of the season for Tokyo and its surrounding areas. This time the announcement was made 22 days before the normal time. 

The incidence of heatstroke is increasing due to intense heat. The elders, especially, are being affected. The emergency services department said, At least six people were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday. Local officials called for electricity savings on Tuesday.