Over 600 Palestinians held in Israel prison without charge...

Over 600 Palestinians held in Israel prison without charge

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 Published: 11:41 AM, 3 May 2022   Updated: 11:41 AM, 3 May 2022



Israel holds more than 600 Palestinians in prisons without charge or trial. This is the highest number of arrests since 2016, informed an Israeli human rights group on Monday.

The human rights organization HaMoked regularly gathers figures from prison authorities. As of May, there are 604 administrative prisoners in the country, the agency said. “Almost all of them are Palestinians. However, such detentions are rare for Jews.”

The so-called administrative detainees were arrested based on “secret evidence”. No specific charges were brought against them. These prisoners are not even allowed to defend themselves in court. They are usually kept in jail for six months. But these Palestinians have been in prison for years without trial.

Israel claims that the suspects can be detained under the law, even though the evidence is being collected. However, critics and human rights groups say the practice is widely “abused”. Besides, the proper legal process is not followed.

According to HaMoked, 2,441 Palestinians are currently serving sentences in Israeli military courts. On the other hand, 1,478 people have been detained for questioning. Some of them have been charged, others are awaiting trial. Even the trial of some people is going on again.

The Israeli military has been asked to provide the latest figures. However, they did not immediately return calls seeking comment.