1202 bodies recovered in Kyiv: Ukraine...

1202 bodies recovered in Kyiv: Ukraine

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 Published: 11:32 AM, 3 May 2022   Updated: 03:34 PM, 3 May 2022



1,202 bodies have been recovered from the Kyiv region of Ukraine. Officials say these Ukrainians were killed by Russian troops. 

“Unfortunately, we have seen the horrors and crimes of the Russian army almost every day,” said Kyiv Region Police Chief Andriy Nebitov. “1,202 bodies have been recovered. These bodies have been sent for the forensic report.”

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) has been under pressure for weeks to buy fuel from Russia. Its member states have agreed to suspend Russian coal imports by next summer, but have problems with oil and gas.

Poland and the Baltic states are urging to take immediate action to stop buying fuel from Russia. However, there are allegations that Germany is “slowing down”. However, the government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has recently shown interest in moving forward.

However, Hungary is seen as a potential obstacle to banning Russian energy. The country is heavily dependent on Russian energy. Moreover, Hungary’s newly re-elected Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has taken a strong stand against the sanctions.

Brussels’ disagreement with Budapest is not new. However, the EU will closely monitor the activities of the urban administration this week. Although diplomats acknowledge, it will be difficult to discuss the proposed sanctions.