Putin-Zelensky sits soon in Turkey...

Putin-Zelensky sits soon in Turkey

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 Published: 12:57 PM, 3 April 2022  

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Russian President Vladimir Putin may soon sit in a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. Turkey could be a possible meeting place for Putin and Zelensky.

Russia's Interfax news agency quoted a Ukrainian peace negotiator as saying. The Russian news agency said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to  Putin and Zelensky on Friday over telephone, said Davyd Arakhamia, Ukraine's envoy to the peace talks with Russia.

He said the presidents of Russia and Ukraine appeared to have agreed to meet in a phone conversation. However, Arakhamia could not say exactly which city in Turkey the meeting would take place.

The Russian and Ukrainian delegations have been holding peace talks in Istanbul, Turkey for the past few days. At the same time, senior officials from both sides are staying in their respective countries and engaging in virtual discussions. On Saturday, both sides described the talks as "difficult."

Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24. At the same time as the fierce fighting has continued, representatives of the two countries have been holding talks aimed at ending the war.