Russia occupies Ukraine’s Kherson...

Russia occupies Ukraine’s Kherson

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 Published: 12:57 PM, 2 March 2022  



The war between Russia and Ukraine has been underway for seven days. Amid this, the Russian forces have taken control of the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson.

The BBC reported the information on Wednesday, citing local authorities.

The report cited a member of Kherson’s local council as saying that “200 people had been killed” in fighting in the town. Most of them are “civilians”.

About 250,000 people live in Kherson. The city’s mayor has already sought the cooperation of the central government and international aid agencies. They said they would “ensure” the supply of “food, medicine and other necessities”. There are also requests for “safe evacuation” of injured people.

Earlier, several media outlets, including the BBC, reported that Russia controlled several other Ukrainian cities. At present, a 40-mile-long convoy of Russian troops is reportedly advancing on the capital, Kyiv.

Russia has been conducting special military operations in Ukraine since February 24. In the last few days since the start of the operation, Russian forces have entered several cities, including the country’s capital Kyiv. There are reports of clashes between the two sides on the streets of these cities.

Earlier on Tuesday, the BBC reported that Russian troops had surrounded the town of Kherson. At the time, Ukrainian government officials said that the Russian army had launched an attack on Kherson. 

Kherson, is a town near Russian-controlled Crimea, is located between the cities of Mykolaiv and Nova Kakhovka in southern Ukraine.

On the same day, journalist Elena Panina told the country’s state media Ukraine24 the same thing. “Russian troops had surrounded the city. Russia’s military and military equipment can be seen everywhere,” she said.