18 migrants died in Canary Island in Spain...

18 migrants died in Canary Island in Spain

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 Published: 04:57 PM, 27 January 2022  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Spain's maritime rescue service has rescued 319 migrants from multiple wrecked boats trying to reach the Spanish island of Canary. At least 18 other migrants have died trying to cross the island. Nine of the rescued people were somehow floating in a sinking boat.

Rescue officials in the country said that they have not received any reports of drownings. An international human rights organization first found the boat carrying migrants to Spanish security forces.

Helena Maleno, founder of the immigration watchdog Walking Borders, says at least 18 people have died trying to cross from Africa to Lanzarote Island. However, the news agency Reuters could not independently verify the death toll.

Spain's rescue service said in a statement on Twitter that 319 migrants had been rescued from at least six boats. There were about 120 people in one of the boats. The migrants were taken to Lanzarote Island and Gran Canaria Island after being rescued.

Reuters video footage shows dozens of migrants wrapped in red blankets arriving at the port of Arguin in a rescue boat early Tuesday morning. Emergency personnel in protective clothing and masks helped the migrants reach the port.

After the rescue, a total of 10 people, including a pregnant woman and a child, were sent to a local health center. But none of them are at risk.

In recent times, various islands off the coast of West Africa have become the primary destination for migrants trying to reach Spain. Very few of them tried to cross the Mediterranean to the mainland of Spain.

Last year, about 22,316 migrants arrived illegally on the Spanish island of Canary. Although in the previous year this number was 23,271. According to the country's interior ministry, 2021 has been one of the busiest times to cross such sea lanes in the last decade.

Walking Borders says more than 4,400 migrants, including at least 205 children, went missing at sea last year while trying to reach Spain; Which is more than double that of 2020.