Russia-Ukraine agrees ceasefire after 8 hrs talk...

Russia-Ukraine agrees ceasefire after 8 hrs talk

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 Published: 01:26 PM, 27 January 2022   Updated: 05:13 PM, 27 January 2022

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to ceasefire in the ongoing civil war in Ukraine after eight hours of talks.

According to a report in The Moscow Times, the two countries agreed to ceasefire after the talks were held between delegations of Moscow and Kiev in Paris, mediated by French diplomats.

Ukraine was led by Deputy Chief of Staff Dmitry Kozak and the Russian delegation was led by Alexei Meshkov, Russia's ambassador to France. France sees the ceasefire agreement as a 'good sign'.

For the first time since 2019, Ukraine and Russia have agreed to sign a joint statement with Germany and France on the issue of Ukrainian forces clashing with separatists in eastern Ukraine.

These four countries have been working since 2014 to bring peace to the Russian-occupied territories in eastern Ukraine.

An ally of French President Emmanuel Macron did not agree on the threat of Russian military aggression in Ukraine. The two sides have agreed on a ceasefire since 2014 aimed at resolving Ukraine's conflict with separatists in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, Russian troops deployed about 100,000 troops on Ukraine's eastern border. As a result, Kiev fears that the country could launch an aggression at any time. Russia is not satisfied in talks with NATO on this issue.

NATO claimed Russia to withdraw its troops from the border and work diligently to resolve the issue diplomatically. Russia, meanwhile, has demanded that NATO will have to reduce its influence in Eastern Europe. However, United States has denied the allegations. As a result, the possibility of war has increased.