Legendary tigress `T15` died at 16...

Legendary tigress `T15` died at 16

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 Published: 05:38 PM, 16 January 2022  

Collarwali with cubs

Collarwali with cubs

The legendary tigress named 'T15' of Pench Jungle in Madhya Pradesh, India has died. The tiger has roamed the Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR) for about 16 years.

The tigress was popularly known as Kalarwali and Mataram. She died of old age on Saturday. While living in the forest of Pench, the tigress gave birth to 29 cubs. 

Sandeep Singh, a member of the Pench Local Advisory Committee (LAC), said Kalarwali was the most photographed tigress.

T15 was born in 2005 in Badimada. The tigress gave birth to her first three children on May 25, 2008. But all three of her cubs died.

Kalarwali was last seen giving birth to three cubs together in January 2019. In all, the legendary tigress gave birth to three children eight times together.