2,500 Taliban members sacked in purging operation...

Dhaka, Thursday   27 January 2022

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2,500 Taliban members sacked in purging operation

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 Published: 10:11 AM, 10 January 2022  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Afghanistan's interim Taliban government has so far sacked at least 2,500 people as part of a purging operation. A senior Taliban official, Latifullah Hakimi, was quoted in the Iranian media as saying.

Hakimi, chairman of the Taliban's purge commission, said in Kabul on Sunday that 2,514 Taliban members had been fired or detained for their involvement in various crimes since the commission began its work.

Describing the method of identifying the criminal Taliban members, Latifullah Hakimi said that these measures have been taken against the Taliban members following the allegations of the general public and the information given by them and the allegations published in the mainstream media and social media.

The chairman of the Taliban's purge commission said that among those fired were governors of several Afghan provinces.

Referring to his commission as protecting the interests of the Afghan people, Latifullah Hakimi said Taliban members must live a holy life and perform their duties properly.

After the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August last year, some people have been harassing the Afghan people in various ways by discrediting the Taliban. In addition, mysterious killings are taking place in different parts of the country. On 15 August 2021, Taliban took control of Afghanistan by capturing the capital Kabul.