Over 200 killed in gun attack in Nigeria...

Dhaka, Thursday   27 January 2022

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Over 200 killed in gun attack in Nigeria

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 Published: 03:58 PM, 9 January 2022  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

At least 200 people have been killed in gun attacks in several villages in the northwestern state of Zamfara of Nigeria.

This week, the government soldiers airstriked at the dormitory of the armed robbers in the country.  Allegedly they launched the counter-attack in retaliation.

News outlet Al-Jazeera reports, these gunmen are locally known as bandits. These gunmen have long been active in northwestern and central Nigeria. Last Wednesday, the Nigerian government officially declared the bandits 'terrorists'.

Jamphara is a state where the activities of these bandits are high. According to villagers in the state, the locals returned to their villages after the military entered the villages for the funeral of those killed in the bandit's attack. Locals said more than 200 villagers had been killed, but the state government claimed 58 people had been killed in the attacks.

Meanwhile, a few days before the incident, members of the military raided two areas in the area, killing one hundred people, including the leaders of the two armed groups. To avenge the incident, 300 gunmen attacked eight villages.

An eyewitness said that the miscreants also set fire to houses and shops during the attack. A man named Makeri said that he had lost his three children and his wife in the attack. His house was set on fire.

Abu Bakar Belo, a resident who escaped during the attack, said the number of attackers was greater than the number of security personnel in the villages at the time of the attack.

Jamfara is one of the states in Nigeria where kidnappings are a regular occurrence. Authorities have shut down telecommunications there since September last year.

A spokesman for the governor of Zamfara said the militants had defended the gunmen in the Anka area. However, he did not give any details in this regard.

Locals allege that Nigeria, like neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso, has become a regular target for the Islamic militant group Al Qaeda and IS.

Since 2012 and 2013, terrorist groups have taken control of large parts of Africa. Since then the common people there have been suffering from insecurity. There have been incidents of raids in villages, abduction of cattle, theft and setting fire to houses. Moreover, civilians are often killed in clashes with Western forces.