Saudi imposes restriction in mosque again...

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 January 2022

Saudi imposes restriction in mosque again

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 Published: 11:28 AM, 4 January 2022  

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Saudi Arabia has again imposed social distance measures and restrictions in Mecca and Medina to prevent the spread of the new type of COVID, Omicron variant.

The country's state owned news agency, the Saudi Press Agency, said the restrictions would apply to all namajis and umrah performers at the two holy mosques.

All the visitors must wear a mask. The Saudi government has made it mandatory to wear masks and maintain social distance everywhere inside and outside the home.

In addition to this, the same provision has been introduced in Mecca and Medina city areas too. COVID infections in Saudi Arabia have risen fast in last month.

Last Wednesday, the country's health ministry identified 744 new COVID patients. This was the highest number of infections since August last year.

Five hundred and fifty-four thousand patients have been identified COVID positive in Saudi Arabia since the onset of the epidemic. 8,876 of them had died.

The government announced on Sunday that from February 1, all Saudi citizens or visitors of the country or visitors going from other countries must show proof of COVID booster dose shot if they want to visit shops and shopping centers and restaurants.