US declares emergency as wildfire spreads Colorado...

US declares emergency as wildfire spreads Colorado

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 Published: 04:40 PM, 1 January 2022   Updated: 04:43 PM, 1 January 2022

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The United States have declared an emergency as wildfire spreads in it's state of Colorado. 

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed by the wildfires in the state of Colorado. Rescuers have evacuated thousands of people in an emergency. Colorado's governor has declared a state of emergency as the situation worsens.

The fire has spread over an area of ​​160 km which is raging in Boulder County, north of Denver. Authorities said more people might be killed and injured in the blaze.

Earlier, almost 30000 have been evacuated from their houses of the cities of Luiseville and Superior on Thursday (December 30).

Colorado Governor Jared Police has declared a state of emergency across the state. 'It's a powerful blow to nature,' he told a news conference. He hopes the situation will return to normal.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pel said more than 370 homes have been burnt so far. A local shopping mall was also burnt to ashes. So far 6 people have been reported injured.

The state of Colorado has experienced a severe drought this year. Such a situation is thought to be due to climate change.

Earlier, the state of California in the United States was hit by a devastating wildfire. In addition, many lives have been lost in the terrible fires in Turkey. Greece and Australia also fell victim to wildfires in 2021.

Climate experts say climate change is having a negative impact on nature. As a result, natural disasters like fires, droughts, floods and cyclones are wreaking havoc again and again. They have been warning everyone to prevent global warming.