Right hand got cut to treat left...

Right hand got cut to treat left

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 Published: 10:48 AM, 22 December 2021  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The right hand of a left-hand injured patient was cut by the doctor. This incident took place in Khargpur of Paschim Medinipur district as the doctor mistakenly operated his right hand.

According to local media reports in India, the name  of the man is Subhash Das, a resident of Kharagpur, is a railway worker by profession.  

Subhash said that his left hand was broken in an accident in 2014. At that time he was treated by doctor Abdul Latif. At that time, an iron plate was put in his hand and arrangements were made to cover his bones. The doctor said the metal sheets would be surgically removed later.

On December 6, Subhash approached doctor Abdul Latif. Doctor Abdul Latif removed his left hand plate. A channel was made in his right hand for antibiotics and other needs.

Subhash complained that the pain started after a few hours of doing this channel. When Doctor Latif was informed, he wrote a referral letter to take him to SSKM-Hospital in Kolkata. There realizing the seriousness of the situation the doctors cut his right hand.

In this context, doctor Abdul Latif said, "As an orthopedic specialist, I have performed the surgery and the hand that performed the surgery is successful." The matter happened in another hand where a nurse pushded an injection. In any case, the arteries of that hand have been damaged. In that situation I suggested to take him to Kolkata.

However, the authorities of the private hospital did say anything regarding this.

Local Trinamool Congress MLA Manas Bhuiyan said that the chief health officer had been directed to look into the matter.