US restricts 83 nations including 8 African countries...

Dhaka, Monday   24 January 2022

US restricts 83 nations including 8 African countries

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 Published: 05:00 PM, 7 December 2021  



The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised its citizens to avoid visiting 83 countries including 8 African nations till now. The CDC has called on US citizens to respond urgently after Omicron, a new variant of Covid-19, has spread.

According to the new law enforced by the US, it has been made mandatory for foreign nationals to show COVID-negative test results for visiting the country. The report must be submitted within a day of getting the result. Earlier, foreigners who had received vaccines could submit the report within three days.

The US government has already imposed a ban on eight African countries whose citizens cannot enter the US. The United States has taken this step after the Omicron variant spread. However, no other country has imposed sanctions on these African countries.