How to adapt with your partner who ages less than you...

How to adapt with your partner who ages less than you

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 Published: 08:50 PM, 8 August 2022  

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Age is just a number when it comes to love. Many couples have a huge age gap. Experts say that there are certain rules to sustain such a relationship. If followed properly, love, and married life will be happy.

>> You may not see the world the way your younger or older partner does. So don’t get upset, rather be patient. Listen to him or her carefully. Give your partner some time to understand.

>> Don’t impose your wishes on your partner because he is a little older. Instead, let your partner understand your likes and dislikes. And you also understand his likes and dislikes.

>> On the other hand, being young in ages doesn’t always mean you have to be different.

>> Every relationship is built on trust. So keep this in mind. Age doesn’t necessarily mean you rule it out. Both should think about it.