Do you feel drowsy after eating rice?...

Do you feel drowsy after eating rice?

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 Published: 08:15 PM, 5 August 2022   Updated: 08:15 PM, 5 August 2022

Do you feel drowsy after eating rice?

Do you feel drowsy after eating rice?

Noon is the time to have rice. We cannot think of any food other than rice at lunch. Rice is a powerhouse of energy and a staple food for several people across the world which is eaten for breakfast, lunch and also dinner. However, some experience drowsiness after eating rice. Why does that happen?

A short sleep after eating rice at noon is called rice sleep. But why do we feel drowsy after eating rice? Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates or sugars. After entering the body, these sugars turn into glucose. Glucose requires insulin.

Whenever insulin levels rise in the body, the essential fatty acid tryptophan increases levels of melatonin and serotonin. The increase in these two hormones makes us sleepy.

We should have comparatively less at lunch. It should be noted that 50 percent of vegetables, 25 percent of protein and 25 percent of carbohydrates should be in the diet. The more healthy foods are on the list, the healthier the body will be and the stronger the immune system will be. It will make you less sleepy.

Besides, you can eat bread instead of rice to avoid sleepiness in the afternoon. You can keep red rice in the diet. It will keep the body healthy and will remove sleepy. If none of the other tips work, take a 15-minute nap.