Symptoms of Cervical Cancer...

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

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 Published: 04:26 PM, 2 August 2022   Updated: 04:28 PM, 2 August 2022

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One of the symptoms of cervical cancer is irregular menstruation. Experts say it can be different. For example, excessive menstruation every month or intermittent bleeding between two periods. 

It also has different symptoms. For example, many women experience bleeding after intercourse. If any of these symptoms appear, consult a gynecologist immediately. Besides, white or red discharge may be released. In some cases, pus may come out. 

As soon as the symptoms appear, the treatment should be taken according to the advice of an experienced doctor.

Cervical cancer is completely curable with proper treatment on time. A vaccine against this cancer has also been discovered. But if the disease is not diagnosed in time, there is a risk of death. Worldwide, half of those diagnosed with cervical cancer die. So, symptoms should not be ignored.