Coconut oil for skin care...

Coconut oil for skin care

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 Published: 01:28 PM, 31 July 2022  

Coconut oil for skin care- File Photo

Coconut oil for skin care- File Photo

You can get benefits by using coconut oil in your skincare three times a week. In hot weather, the skin becomes rougher and drier. Mix one spoon of coconut milk, and finely powdered oats and make a mixture. Apply the mixture to the skin and wait for 10 minutes to dry and wash off with lukewarm water.

Applying this mixture three times a week will remove the layer of dead skin cells. The level of inflammation inside the skin will also decrease.

If the skin is very prone to acne, you can use coconut milk for skin care. Make a mixture by mixing two spoons of turmeric powder and coconut milk. Use this mixture twice or thrice a week to get rid of acne, and dark spots on the skin.