Different uses of Henna leaves...

Different uses of Henna leaves

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 Published: 09:16 PM, 28 July 2022   Updated: 09:16 PM, 28 July 2022

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Not only for hand dyeing but also for skin care, henna leaves have no competition. This leaf is also a natural mouthwash. Henna leaves can be used to remove skin acne and also take care of hair.

For skin care: Boil a few henna leaves in water. Switch off the stove when the water turns red. Strain the water. While the yolk is still warm, wash your face with water. Skin acne will disappear.

As a mouthwash: Gargle with henna powder mixed with water to act as a natural mouthwash.

For hair care: Boil mustard oil and a few hennas leaves in a pot. When cold, rub this mixture on the scalp. It will prevent premature hair fall.

For silky hair: Mix fenugreek, mustard oil, and henna leaves together and boil. When it becomes liquid, apply it to the hair. Wash off after some time. It cleans the hair as well as removes dandruff.