Why past is better than present...

Why past is better than present

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 Published: 07:27 PM, 5 July 2022  

Why past is better than present- File Photo

Why past is better than present- File Photo

People often say it was better when I was younger. Every human being is fascinated by many things of the past. Such as Eid. There is no end to happy memories of childhood Eid. Those memories seemed so wonderful because they were so wonderful compared to all the other festivals celebrated up to that age. Despite little experience, people can celebrate what they see very well.

A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by Tory Higgins and Charles Stangor states why past is better. For example, when people say that concert was great; they mean that it is better than all the other concerts they have seen so far.

Because, when people think about past events, they only remember the assessment of that event not the reason for that assessment. That means they only remember whether the event was good or bad.

The experience requires something much better to be happy, and amazing. Which is not very easily available. That’s why people decide that things were much better when they were younger.