Tips to get rid of monotony in studies...

Tips to get rid of monotony in studies

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 Published: 01:46 PM, 29 January 2022  

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Parents tell us to study day and night. If not, the result won't be better, and so on. But you can't concentrate while studying. Study has become monotonous. Many thinktanks have also thought to cut through this one boring thing. Here are some tips to help you get bored while studying.

Changing place

places has a good connection with our memories. You can use this relationship while reading. Instead of sitting in a comfortable chair in the reading library or reading room, you can also use the occasional school veranda, balcony, roof swing.

Studying in a group

sometimes you may take pride in yourself. 'I understand a lot more than my friends. There is nothing to talk about reading with them.' This thinking is wrong. Doing group study with friends can open the door to creative thinking. It will be advantagous to you, your friend, again you will see that now you know something that you did not know. 

Not restricting your life

There are many people who like to get stuck in a shallow boundary. For example, Shoaib may think, I read at night, and Aashiq may think that he has the ability to understand without reading anything. But, if you takem part and think you will find many more types. However, in the case of school-college studies, it is better not to throw oneself in any one part. The more variety you can bring to your reading style or way of thinking, the easier it will be to come up with all the difficult formulas.

Taking break

it was thought that if you read a subject for hours on end, you will become a scholar on it. Research from the University of California has shown that the brain is more active when you read with a little break. If you want to be very good at one thing, you will have to know a little bit of other things. If you want to be a good app developer, you don't just have to know programming, you also have to think about the various problems of real life people.


There are many people who, when asked about the definition of something, can say the exact definition of a book. But when asked to explain, remains silent. So you stop memorizing and try to understand the whole topic. Because if you memorize 10 times, you will forget 10 times, but once you understand it well, you won't forget it again.