Magical uses of henna on hair...

Magical uses of henna on hair

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 Published: 02:34 PM, 26 January 2022  

Mehedi Photo: Collected

Mehedi Photo: Collected

We use henna to colour our hands. Especially at weddings, Eid or other festivals, women wear henna on their hands. This multiplies the beauty of the hand. Moreover, henna has many more qualities. Mehedi is incomparable in hair care. Mehendi is one of the ingredients that works to enhance the beauty and health of hair.

This ingredient is quite popular in hair care. Many people choose to dye their hair naturally. There is no fear of any damage to the hair. The use of henna not only enhances the beauty of the hair but also delivers many beneficial ingredients to the hair. Let's find out the benefits of using henna on hair-

Helps in deep conditioning

Lifeless hair requires special care. In this case you can do deep conditioning. This will restore the lost shine as well as the necessary nutrition. And you can do this with the help of Mehedi. That's why you can use this special pack.

Strain tea leaves in boiling water and cool it. Mix henna powder with it. A thick mixture will form. Now mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with it. Leave the mixture like this for about half an hour. Then add 2 tablespoons of sour yogurt. Now use the mixture well on the hair. Leave it like this for an hour and shampoo it. You will benefit from using this pack once a week.

Helps reduce hair fall

Most people suffer from hair loss. Different types of hair packs are also used to solve this problem. In this case you can use a mixture of mustard oil and henna. This will greatly reduce the problem of hair loss. 

Take 250 ml of mustard oil to make the pack. Then mix a few henna leaves in it and keep boiling it. When the color of the oil changes, it should be taken down and cooled. This oil should be used 2-3 times a week. You will start to get the benefits after using it for a month.

Hair grows faster

Most women have a desire to have long hair. For those who want to get long hair, henna can be a helpful ingredient. It contains some natural ingredients that help in rapid hair growth. You can use regular henna packs for hair care. You will see the change in regular use.

To use the henna pack, first heat 250 ml black sesame oil. Now you have to mix five cups of henna powder in that oil. Then heat for 5-6 minutes. Use it two to three times a week. Use on hair before bathing. Leave it for an hour and shampoo it.