Consume these foods instead of zinc tab...

Consume these foods instead of zinc tab

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 Published: 04:32 PM, 25 January 2022  

Foods that are good for health. Photo: Collected

Foods that are good for health. Photo: Collected

The infection rate of coronavirus is increasing day by day. New types of coronavirus are appearing. There is a growing awareness of the need to survive. This is the time when the body's immune system needs to be strengthened. Only then will it be possible to keep yourself free from death risk due to COVID infection.

Proper nutrition is needed to boost the body's immune system. From the beginning of the epilepsy, the need for zinc in the body to increase immunity has been repeatedly mentioned. So many people started taking zinc. But taking too much zinc can have the opposite effect. Many doctors and nutritionists have warned about that.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the body gets enough zinc from food earned instead of medicine. This mineral is found in many foods. So if you can keep them in your diet, then the amount of zinc in the body will increase normally.

So, let's find out about those beneficial foods-


Vegetables like potato, mushroom, kale, bean contain huge amount of zinc. So you will be benefitted if consume them regularly.

Red meat

Red meats like beef, pork or lamb contain a lot of zinc. However, eating too much red meat is not good for health. So eat them in a measured amount. And even if you eat, do not eat processed meat.

Different types of pulses

We will get plenty of zinc by having pulse grains. However, there is a chance of catching the problem of acidity when they are eaten raw. So eat a small amount of them or you can eat it boiled or soaked in water.


Nutritious foods like eggs are very rare. Many doctors now prescribe to eat boiled egg each day. In addition to your zinc, you will get a variety of nutrients. Dairy foods also contain zinc in addition to other nutrients like eggs.


Include some things like flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds in the diet. Can be eaten mixed with salad too. You can mix it with flour.


If you want to eat low calorie but high zinc foods, you can eat foods like crab and oyster. However, many people have various allergies to seafood specially crabs. Make sure you don't have any problem. Cook well, otherwise there is a possibility of bad stomach.