Drinking water amid eating might sicken you...

Drinking water amid eating might sicken you

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 Published: 03:59 PM, 18 January 2022   Updated: 04:00 PM, 18 January 2022

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Doctors suggest us to drink enough water every day for a healthy life. Drinking water has some special benefits. Water works to flush out contaminants from the body, providing oxygen to the body. As a result, it is important to drink water every day according to the rules.

But if you want to get all the qualities of water, you have to drink it properly. If you don't follow some rules, even if you drink several glasses of water, the benefits will not match. Rather, according to ancient medical treatment, drinking water in the wrong way can have the opposite effect on the body. In that case there may be digestive problems.

First of all, it is strictly forbidden to drink water between any heavy meals. Even drinking water right before or after eating can cause digestive problems. Because at this time water can enter the body and mix with gastric juice. As a result, its working capacity decreases and it may take longer for food to be digested. So even if you are very thirsty, either drink water 30 minutes before eating, or eat half an hour after eating.

However, if your feel too dry between meals, you can take a sip of water. If warm water can be consumed at this time, it is better. Warm water helps in digestion. The body can also be kept more moist by drinking this way.

At other times, even if you drink water spontaneously, it can be harmful to the body. Drink water slowly. It is better not to drink all the water from a bottle at a time.