Use oils to avoid gray hair...

Dhaka, Saturday   22 January 2022

Use oils to avoid gray hair

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 Published: 12:10 PM, 15 January 2022   Updated: 12:13 PM, 15 January 2022

Hair care. Photo: Collected

Hair care. Photo: Collected

Some face the problem early, some later. Some before or after thirty, some people even earlier. Many people face the problem of hair grizzle at a young age. Many say that lifestyle is the root cause behind it.

Many people suffer from hair loss due to stress. Excessive work can create stress, or for some other reasons, it often affects the hair and skin. Work type has also changed now-a-days. Because of the regular psychological pressure it is more likely to hair grizzle at a young age. But with a little care, problems of hair grizzle can be avoided.

Three types of oil can help you to avoid the problem of hair greying at an early age. Let's take a look at the three beneficial oils:

** Do you think that the only use of mustard oil is to fry snacks? Not at all. It contains a variety of anti-oxidants, which are able to take care of hair. As a result, mustard oil can sometimes be used in hair nourishment.

** Another oil is quite effective in solving this problem. That is olive oil. Zucchini (Dhundol) should be cut into small pieces and soaked in olive oil. After three days, everything should be boiled together well. You will see that the mixture will darken. Put it in a bowl. Apply to hair twice a week.

** We all know that coconut oil is good for hair. But do you know how useful this oil is in overcoming the problem of gray hair? Dried curry leaves should be ground and mixed with a little coconut oil. It should be applied at the hair follicles quite well. Leave it for a while and wash your head.