That`s how Omicron and cold are different...

Dhaka, Saturday   22 January 2022

That`s how Omicron and cold are different

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 Published: 02:32 PM, 14 January 2022   Updated: 02:33 PM, 14 January 2022

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Omicron's symptoms are similar to those of a common cold, many say. But doctors have repeatedly said that taking Omicron so lightly would bring danger.

In the meantime, another problem has appeared. Many people do not realize that they have been infected with Omicron or have a common cold. This is because the types of symptoms are the same in both cases. So they are not going to do COVID test. COVID germs are spreading more and more in it.

Tim Specter, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College, London, sheds light on the topic. He says there is a way to tell if he is infected with Omicron or if he has a common cold. One symptom is more common in Omicron.

The symptoms that have been noticed in Omicron so far are-

* Sore throat

* Cold

* Sneezing

* Pain in different parts of the body

* Fatigue

All of these can also occur in the case of a common cold. But Omicron is showing another symptom beyond that, said Tim Specter. In an interview on YouTube, he said that many people initially experience nausea and dizziness after being infected with Omicron. This can be considered as an early sign of Omicron. Also, some people have back pain. That too is not a symptom of a common cold.

If you see these symptoms along with other symptoms of Omicron, Tim is advising you to get tested.