Remove dark circles with tomatoes...

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 January 2022

Remove dark circles with tomatoes

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 Published: 04:16 PM, 10 January 2022  

Tomatoes. Photo: Collected

Tomatoes. Photo: Collected

Due to uncontrolled lifestyle, anxiety or being awake till late night, almost all of us get dark circles under our eyes. Which is very uncomfortable. This problem can often be due to age or genetic reasons. Many people use different cosmetics to get rid of it. Which does not always show the desired result.

However, this problem can be removed with proper care. Tomatoes can be a good solution to this. So, let's find out how to use tomatoes to get rid of dark circles.

A mixture of tomato and aloe vera

The anti-inflammatory properties of natural aloe vera leaf gel work to protect the skin and its special properties help to reduce dark spots and puffiness under the eyes.

You will need a tomato and one tablespoon of fresh aloe vera gel to prepare this mixture. At first, blend the tomatoes and store the paste in a container. The paste should be applied to the lower part of the eye with aloe vera gel. Leave it for at least 15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. Use at least 2-3 days a week to get good results.

A mixture of tomato and potato juice

The enzymes present in potatoes help to reduce dark spots on the skin. Using it mixing with tomatoes will reduce the problem of dark circles. You will need a ripe tomato and a potato to use. First you have to make a paste by beating or blending tomatoes. Then mix the potatoes well with the blended tomatoes to make a mixture. Massage the mixture well into the dark circles under the eyes and wait until it dries. After drying, wash it in cold water. Use this mixture one or two days a week to get good results.

A mixture of tomato and lemon juice

Lemon is one of the best ingredients to brighten the skin. It contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties of citric acid, which will work great in lightening dark circles.

To use, mix one teaspoon of tomato juice and one teaspoon of lemon juice in a container. Dip the cotton ball in the mixture and spread the ball evenly under the eyes to take the mixture evenly. After keeping it like this for 15 minutes, you have to wash your face thoroughly. Using once a week is enough to get the desired result.